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The gayest school alive. They are the richest of the richest and if they went to St. Aloysius you are even richer than the richer, basically saying that you are a fag. Every Prep student thinks they are better than anyone else. After school they go to eachothers houses and be gay with eachother. A school that nobody likes. Everytime a prep person yells "P-R-E-P prep,prep,prep" he gets hit with bats because everyone is like "shut up fag." And if La Salle or Malvern say they are the prep too then they are also gay, and nobody likes them either, but everyone hates the PREps. THey all pick fights and then make up some lame excuse to get out of it like "I just bought this 6,000$ prep shirt and im not gettin it dirty because my butler is sick and i cannot wash it myself because im too busy sucking weiner and i don no how to wash my clothes b/c i was rich as a kid too"
Prep kid: Wanna fight
Bonner kid: Lets go bitch
(90,000$ cell phone rings)
Prep kid: "Dad i want the freaking porche not the dodge magnum, god u are so stupid."
(Hangs up)
Prep kid: Oh sorry where were we.
Bonner kid: i was just aboot to kick your ass.
Prep kid: Omg look at the time on my 40,000,000$ watch, it's too late i have to go.
(as prep kid is leaving)
Prep kid to bonner kid as he is riding away in his "old" H3 hummer: Later loser.
(friends in car laugh)
^then suck each others wangsters.
Random st aloysius kid: I'm going to buy St. Joe's Prep with my allowence.
by Go Bonner October 11, 2005

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