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10 definitions by Gnarp Äta skylt

very sär. actually very very sär!
man, you are damp!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
A smaller version of motorbike, light weight and cheap. Often used by kids in their lower teens fjortis , who thinks it might approve their status in the neighborhood. (Often with no effect...)
They usually burn with their own måpe outside nearest fast-food place, looking for horny fjortisar (Fjortis => pl. Fjortisar)
Shoo leen, look at my new måpe that i just gave a turkish trim!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003
A man coming from up north of Sweden, the forgotten parts...
They live out of what nature gives them, with addition from beer and mooses, Most norrlänings speak a very strange language known as norrländska containing words like "töcken" and other words not known by many.
They always wear baseball caps like truckdrivers, often striped pattern. They dont tend to shave very often, and smell like röv.
Watch out little kiddy, here comes another norrlänning! dont touch him!
by Gnarp Äta skylt August 08, 2003