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Eric is sweet, romantic funny, considerate, caring and supportive. He is a one of a kind, and is beyond perfect for that one LUCKY girl. He helps her with anything, and can always make her happy. He makes her believe in herself when no one else can help. Sometimes he can be weird and oh so stubborn, but thats what makes him so special. Eric has the most awesomerest fails, and always knows how to make people smile. Just by looking at him, that one lucky girl will get the biggest smile on her face. What many dont know is that he has the most sexiest singing voice that will make you feel like youre in Asian Heaven. He is every girl's ideal guy. That one lucky girl will be the most happiest person on earth.
* Eric is singing under a tree
" Omgr, whos voice is that? And who is that? So sexy"
" Eric's"
" How do you knoow?! "
" Cause.. I'm his girlfriend (: "
" Whattt?! Impossible! Youre so plain and boringg! You Luckyy B...."
" Mhm, I Know. I may be the luckierest person in the univoirse, I have Eric. I Love Him To Pieces <3"
by GlassesCouple<3 July 14, 2010

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