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Later changed his name to 'Jawesome HD' is a known player on a game called RuneScape, he doesn't skill too much, he seems to like being with friends.

He tends to support Christianity and might be the only person who fully understands Christianity on RS. Many people try to argue with him about religion, but they quickly realize it's useless, he knows his stuff.

He has good English skills, and apparently is an English tutor.

Jawer56/Jawesome HD doesn't like the concept of swearing...which is interesting...

Quotes: "Out comes the mouth, the heart speaks, that's why I don't believe in swearing/vulgar language."

One person told Jawer56: 'Lulz jesus dont exists I prefer logic over blind faith.'

He responded with: 'Logic and your flawed opinions are two different things, mate.'
He can be found occasionally in Famous chats like 'Sparc Mac' 'Cls Product' and 'X'
Jawer56 is the only person on RS that knows the difference between 'lay and lie'.

Hey man you know Jawer56?

re: Yeah, I tried to convince him evolution is real and Jesus is fake, but then realized My life is a lie and I need to shut up.
by Glandson December 28, 2012

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