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A shortened form of "Do you know what I'm saying", mostly used after a person makes a point.
I'm the best rapper in the hood, knowmsayin?
by GlApp Money Shot August 17, 2011
A person who pretends to be tough while online and in the comfort of his own surroundings. Generally, a cyber first waver is good at making threats and brinksmanship, but never follows through with his statements. This behavior usually occurs on social media websites.
Don't be afraid of that guy, he argues with everybody and challenges them to fights but he never shows up. He's a cyber fist waver.
by GlApp Money Shot September 14, 2011
A sexual act performed on New Year's Eve starting at one minute to midnight. During the "One Minute Countdown", one individual lies on his/her back, while a male partner slowly lowers his genitals onto his partner's face, finally dropping them at exactly midnight. Performed in the spirit of the New Year's Eve Time's Square celebration.
It's New Year's Eve, and tonight I'm going to give my girlfriend a "Time's Square Celebration".
by GlApp Money Shot December 30, 2009
A "Perfect Storm" occurs during intercourse, when an individual pisses on his or her partner, farts in their face, then slaps them so hard that they see stars. The piss represents the the rain, the fart represents thunder, and the stars they see represent lightning. Thus creating a "perfect storm".

angry dragon rusty trombone golden shower sex anal piss slap
I was mad at my girlfriend last night, so during sex I gave her a "Perfect Storm".

angry dragon] rusty trombone golden shower sex anal piss slap
by GlApp Money Shot March 29, 2009
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