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Located in rye, we rule all of westchester! wer're hot ur not! not only are we hot and preppy but wew are smart and gt intp the best schools! our school is not just work though we have the most fun out of all the schools in ny. for example... SPIRIT WEEK!
its one whole week after midterms where we wear a different themed outfit each day for a whole week. also BIRTHDAYS.
we go all out for birthdays. we decorate lockers with wrapping paper and bows and candy and pictures! I already can tell ur either proud u go here or jealous u dnt. some say sacred heart is the best.... but the only thing they have there are the meanest snobbyest girls u will ever meet. HC is just the best. Every one of us are friend and everyone knows each other. our dances rock and usually the doors close within the first half hr casue we get to crowded! who knew that was possible? we did cuase we rock and the guys know it!
Dont u wish ur school was hot like ours? Holy Child rules and u want to be me!
by GirlyGirl101<3 September 16, 2008

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