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It's the smiley that indicates that ur sooooooo happy and so very smiling then any other. Also a "honest-wtf-i-didnt-do-nothing" smiley that shows that it's user is lying
<Mr.Oswald> Hey, which mofo stole my pants?!
<Mr.Otomar> Hehe, it wasnt me! ^____________________^
<Mr.Oswald> -____________-'
by Gints aka substylez March 24, 2005
`- is a quite popular ending for a nickname on the internet, just as ^- etc.etc. prolly started, coz the nick has already been taken. Now it's more used as a sign of 1337-ness and coolness and OMFGness! :E
<Playah1`-> yo, doods, i'm so leet now with this awesome `- at the end of my nick :-)
<Playah2`-^_-^^``|`-> newb.
<Playah1`-> 0_0
by Gints aka substylez February 22, 2005
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