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Ranked the best school in the country, St. Ann's is located in NYC. Known for the clintele of celebrity parents and constantly stoned high schoolers, the school excels in getting it's students into their top choices for college, which gained the school the top percentage for a high school recieving the most acceptances into Ivy League schools. There are no grades, percentages, or anything like that at St. Ann's, substituting impersonal numbers and letters for long written essays about each student's accomplishments. The girls at St. Ann's are known for their incredibly expensive clothing and yet somehow remain below the standard of what could be considered "adequate". Boys at St. Ann's though constantly morphing in dress code have been predominately defining of the "Wigga". A regional ~50% still dress as unstyled bohemians or wear nike t-shirts as often as possible. St. Ann's was known in the past for its insane ragers every weekend, where the weed is free and abundant. However all things great about these ragers have disappeared and left the Grin of Chagrin and an abundance of weed. St. Ann's is the best possible and is turning into a facist nazi regime and soon will integrate so many Horace Mann teachers that it will encorporate the use of grades as well as fail to get (magdo)Vitz or into Brown.
Oh, she went to St. Ann's, she must be sub-par.

Saint Ann's School is being taken over by unstlyed, bohemiain, deadweight impersonations. Hysterics this 5 o'clock this Sunday!!!

There's a St. Ann's party this weekend! Let's go to an uptown party.
by Gino Tek-9 January 10, 2006

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