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Gingers are people with pale skin and red hair. They are subject to torture from others because of this. They are called 'Soulless' or 'Vampires', because their skin color is pale, and they can burn easily.
That is untrue, the Soulless/Vampire part. Gingers are not blood suckers, nor are they soulless. It all depends on the person. Never judge a book on it's cover. You could meet one ginger who is mean, but another one could be nice.
Person 1: Hey, look! A Ginger! That girl has no soul!
Person 2: Dude, that's not right. Just because a person has red hair does not mean that they have no soul.
Didn't Christy Carlson Romano do the voice for Kim Possible, a ginger?
by Gingersarentsoulless November 13, 2012
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