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The accidental tipping of a finger with poo when wiping ones anus after dumping.
My finger went through the bog-roll and I got the Midas Touch.
by Ginger Ted February 28, 2004
The Mig Hut is used for storage, sedation and education of Migs.
If you don't buck your ideas up son, you'll be off to the Mig Hut.
by Ginger Ted August 11, 2006
A Mig is someone of limited intelligence who requires special care in order to mix successfully within the confines of a school or college. Usually approachable, though often violent, a Mig can be difficult to befriend.
We were playing table-tennis in the Youth Wing when that Mig came at me with a knife. He's now been sedated.
by Ginger Ted August 11, 2006

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