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A person who is tight with their money. Like a little Jewish bagel always small and tight , Always late with paying you back with what was owed to you.
Hey you bagel where's my money!!!
by Gillyman88 September 09, 2013
A person who is very selfish and self centered only cares for them selves. A cheap person. A person that could be like your college room mate and always mooching off you. They would sneak down in the middle of the night and tap into your food in your fridge, use your gas in your car, hit on your girlfriend or wife when your not around. They would put locks on their room, their frig, their stuff as to not allow access cause they intend to take, tap, mooch off you.
Hey Tully your such a Franklin i know you keep tapping my milk in my fridge.
by Gillyman88 September 09, 2013

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