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1 definition by Gill Malankhoney (2)

A sub-genre of cinema created primarily by WASP-s, (i.e. those who are: White, American, Straight, and have a Penis), for WASP-s. Typically features a "hot" female protagonist and a generally a cast of white English-speaking Americans. Traditionally Whitesploitation films are pointless shot-per-shot or copy-&-paste remakes of preexisting Asian or Hispanic films bordering on professional plagiarism or legal forgeries.

Made primarily for three reasons:

1. Asians and Hispanics apparently aren't quite white enough to fit the "standards" of many WAPS-s.

2. Dubs aren't American enough for many WASP-s and having to read subtitles or, "Gasp!", learn another language, is too hard for many of them.

and most of all,

3. To create shitty direct-to-video sequels based-off their "original" creation and desperately attempt to profit from pale imitations of something that was never theirs to begin with.
Have you seen the meaningless Whitesploitation version of either Ringu, Kairo, Juon, or REC, or any of their crappy sequels?
by Gill Malankhoney (2) February 18, 2012