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Open your mouth and keep it open enough so that slaver is coming out of your mouth. There is 2 kinds.

1. Every time Homer Simpson find something delicious.

2. When a creepy guy looks at a hot girl.

1. Homer drooling: Mmmmmh, chiken.... ahrrrhrhr

2. Creepy guy drooling Danm look at those... arrrhhrhrr
by Gilgr8 August 15, 2011
Frech expression that is use when something is Awesome or Awe inspiring

Comming from the video ''La Grosse Sauce'' by thegravyt, its an evolution the commun quebec expression: ''Sa Coche''.

Brought by quebecers, this is a commun expression said all over the quecec province.
Le gros, c SA SAUCE = Dude, its AWESOME
by gilgr8 September 24, 2011

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