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California/West Coast in origin. Meaning "strangely cool".
That fat lady on rollerskates is so freshowl.
by Gilbert Godfrey December 08, 2004
A boob, a guy who tries to walk in the duel universe of being cool and a nerd. Example, skinny kid who drives dad's hummer, in advanced math classes, but smokes and drinks. Tries out for football teams after the cut so he can wear the jersey.
Look at that dude, I bet he cries himself to sleep. Nice ride though, has eminem blasting. Wait ... did he just pull into the math club parking space? What a farwhanger.
by Gilbert Godfrey December 08, 2004
somoene who looks like they would taste like ass should you eat them.
What's up asstaste, did your mom wash your one pair of underwear for you this week?
by Gilbert Godfrey December 08, 2004

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