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3 definitions by Gibson Neblett

Acronym, meaning "Slumber Party Giggles" it's getting more and more popular and is used to replace "lol".
Betty: I bet he can't even do one pushup
Other Guy: SPG!
by Gibson Neblett November 13, 2007
Another word for the male part formally known as "penis."
Kevin: Hey, I hear you let Susan touch your warm part. Great job. ;)
Dave: Oh yeah? Where'd you hear this from?
Kevin: I was there.
by Gibson Neblett August 20, 2008
The shortened version of Totally Scrotum, which means something is stupid. Similar meaning to the word "Bullshit."
Betty: I'm better than you.
Other Guy: That's Toat Scroat, you're a dirty whore.

by Gibson Neblett April 09, 2008