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B-boys of Asian descent.

Break dancing, in the 80s and early 90s, was predominantly the domain of African-Americans. Participants were/are referred to as b-boys.

The New York colloquialism came into popular use in the late 1990s with the increased popularity of break dancing among Asian-American youth. It has since spread throughout Northeast colleges and universities.

Walking through Union Square park, we saw a few Naijiahuangs performing head spins.

I went to the dance competition on Slope Day and a Naijiahuang stole the show.
by Ghetto All-Star April 13, 2009
An obscene and unsanitary derivative form of baseball popularized in New York City.

The structure of the game is largely subjective and may be modified in accordance with the wishes of its often roid-raging participants.

The term is said to have been created by illegal immigrants aboard the Colombian ship "Sepulveda" and rapidly spread to various Colombian and Dominican enclaves throughout New York City.
I hope it doesn't rain this Saturday because I've been dying to play some mierda ball.

Yo Ale, did you sign up for mierda ball this week? I didn't see your name on the list.

by Ghetto All-Star April 14, 2009

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