1 definition by Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky

A teeny bopper is typically 14-18 years old, blonde, tall, thin, and hotttt! AKA Barbie... they're peppy and bubbly and normally are found in the middle of large groups. Normally they are the cheerleaders of public schools and the preppy bitches of private schools. They break a lot of hearts, but they don't mean to. They're basically always happy, cheerful, smiling and the first to say hey to you in the morning. Some teeny boppers are huge bitches though and think they're better than everyone else.
TB1: Hey! how are you?
Person: mmm fine i guess
TB: you guess? well lets go shopping after school and I'll take you to dinner!
Person: Thanks, I feel better now!
by Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky February 01, 2005

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