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When a woman has erect nipples that show through her shirt or blouse, thereby resembling two dry peas concealed in her bra.
Did you see Jenny when that breeze picked up? She looked like she was smuggling peas.
by Gett'n N Eiffel January 17, 2008
The disposable paper toilet seat covers found in public restrooms.
Dude, if you use the shitter at Cost Cutter, you'd better use the toilie doilie - that place is nasty.
by Gett'n N Eiffel January 18, 2008
1. venereal disease

2. a woman with venereal disease
1. I gotta go see the doctor, I dipped my shit in some poison ivy last weekend.

2. Stay away from Pam - she's poison ivy.
by Gett'n N Eiffel January 17, 2008

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