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An annoying-ass way to say "strawberry." Guaranteed to piss off employees at drive-thrus and make everyone within earshot look at you like a retard.
#1: Welcome to Burger King, can I take your order?

#2: Let me get a double whopper with cheese, large fries, and a strawbry milkshake.

#1: I'm sorry, could you repeat that last item?

#2: I said I'll have strawbry milkshake, please.

(long pause)

#1: ...A *what* milkshake?

#2: Straaaawbryyyy.

(long pause)

*head explodes*
by Geto St March 25, 2011
When you walk up in your house, and everybody dead.

Usually a form of retribution, caused by offending one's enemies, not paying ransom money, etc.
Even after we had the kid call his parents, they wouldn't pay up. So we had to film a zombie movie at their house, if you know what I'm sayin.
by Geto St March 25, 2011
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