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Nigger Economy is the result of Niggers keeping many people employed, such as:

Police, Public Defenders, Social Workers, Parole Officers, Correctional Facilities, Insurance Adjusters, Lawyers, Judges, Police Investigators, Detectives, Arson Investigators, SWAT Units, Urban Assault Units, Public Assistance Agencies, Fraud Investigators, Weapons Manufactures, Producers of Malt Liquor, Business that deal in crime deterrents, Construction Workers that build prisons or repair public housing, and last but not least, retail stores that replace all the items Niggers steal or vandalize.

So Niggers do play a strong role in society of keeping a lot of hard working people employed and the economy strong!

Joe: Did you see Tyrone crash that stolen car last night?

Max: Yup... Tyrone is doing his part in the " Nigger Economy "
by Get Real 2009!!! April 25, 2009

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