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A group of people that recognize that Black People as a race are totally worthless pieces of shit! and are aggravated that they have to pay for the care and feeding of people too lazy or stupid to make any improvement or betterment within the black race.

Hatred of a race unable to evolve. So the niggers adopted the attitude that the worse a person can become is better!

Hip Hop - Most songs are about Drugs, Pimps, Ho's, Fucking
Baggy Pants - Clothes that don't fit (Duh!)

English vs Ebonics
*Shorty = Girlfriend
*Wit = With
*Yo = Hi
* Fo'ty = 40oz. Beer
*Dat = That
*Dis = This
An entire dictionary of Ebonics has been crated to help people understend what the fuck niggers are trying to say!

People with reasonable intelligence have trouble understanding the gibberish that niggers try to pass off for language.

Clearly killing the English language form a people either to stupid or retarded to learn the proper way to speak, but is considered acceptable in the nigger race today.

People that are smarter have lost tolerance over the years and are justified in being a "Nigger Hater"
Joe: What the fuck is that nigger trying to say?

Max: I have no idea! ... This is why I'm a "Nigger Hater"
by Get Real!!! Ya all May 17, 2008

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