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LeBron James is one of the most overrated players in the NBA today! The poor bastards in Cleveland who have never had a winning sports team are so "Championship Challenged" that they over look the fact LeBron James wont even support his hometown sports teams!

LeBron James also thinks its "All About LeBron James" but yet consistently CHOKES when the pressure is on! ... if he was truly a great player, he would get the job done!
hey look! LeBron James choked in the big game AGAIN!
(Official Cleveland Motto) "Maybe Next Year"
by Get Real!!!,!!! May 22, 2008
Nigger Nation is the wishful prediction that if all the Niggers moved back to Africa, it would form a Nigger Nation
in witch Niggers can live with Niggers in total peace, Thus leaving the rest of the population free of Niggers!

This is just a hypothetical idea that will never happen, but is a logical solution. (a Nigger Supper-Hood of sorts!)
Joe: Our city is being over run by Niggers!

Max: Yup ... They all need to move back to Africa to form a separate "Nigger Nation:
by Get Real!!!,!!! May 22, 2008

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