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1. those defined in early definitions. 2. those who feel good about themselves trying to defend their arrogance with annoyance. I'd rather be a hoe than a poser..
"those of you who wrote these obviously fit the description that you so easily defined.... a real unionville girl knows that she doesnt need to dress up like a slut, or degrade herself in anyway to do that.... that description matched every single freshmen girl this year.... sad but tru.... by now we have all learned that we have a bad rep for some reason.

thanks to you idiots who stereotyped innocent girls because you decided to make fun of us.... thanks for defacing us all..... god... maybe its time you grow up and learn that those ugly ugg boots will never look good now matter how u wear them (especially when u wear them wit a miniskirt....) and no matter how hard u try, u will never make black hair with blonde streaks a trend... and u will realize that the excessive makeup makes u look about as attractive as a hooker....

and acting like ur black wont make u black.... move 2 kennet if u want 2 pretend 2 be ghetto.... around here, we are about as black as josh toban...

i hate everyone who a) fullfills this stereotype and b) put those evil definitions up"

are you trying to look smart? It's a joke. Get over it.
by Get Over Yourself December 29, 2004
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