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A group of angry Jersey shore natives, fed up with the Southward migration each year of beach going New Yorkers (New Yorkahs) and all those who live north of the Raritan Bridge. The group was founded in the Spring of 2005 by locals from the coastal towns of Brick and Toms River. Their primary goal is the elimination of the Benny threat to their sacred sands and coastal waters.
Thank God for the Benny Patrol. Did you see them make those Benny's bite the curb?
by Get Off My Beach June 05, 2005
A large, bipedal primate found the region of the United States immediately north of New Jersey. Often known to migrate to the beach regions of New Jersey in large groups known as bennies. Characterized by fake tans, backnee, valour jumpsuits, gold chains, suped-up cars with unnessecary spoilers, extreme body hair (which may be waxed). Also known for unjustified pride in their native land. This breed of American absolutely refuses to pronounce an "er" sound if it appears at the end of a word. Instinctively drives in passing lane of any road they inhabit well below any posted speed limit.
God I fucking hate New Yorkahs.
by Get Off My Beach May 23, 2005

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