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3 definitions by George of the Windy Hills

The absolute worst movie of 2006. One of the worst films ever. So incredibly awful that they actually put Alison Hannigan in a fat suit. Most of the people who watched it committed a big messy suicide in the middle of the theater. Avoid at all cost. About as funny as a marathon of Mind of Mencia.
Dude, that was worse than Date Movie.

I'm sorry for the death of your mother my friend.
by George of the Windy Hills February 01, 2009
36 7
A great actress known for beautiful red hair, a smoking body, and playing a lesbian in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, shattering the hearts of thousands of fanboys who continue to live with their parents. Almost destroyed career in Date Movie, now in How I Met Your Mother, not committing any more crimes against humanity.
Dude, that lady walking by you is an Alison Hannigan in terms of hotness.

Wow, I'm gonna go for it!

Thinking of Alison Hannigan lesbianing on TV gives me a hard on. She's hotter than the sun.
by George of the Windy Hills February 01, 2009
26 10
The worst actor in human history. Star of the convoluted clusterfuck that is Heroes.
How can Milo Ventimiglia suck so much ass as an actor?
by George of the Windy Hills February 10, 2009
14 118