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Home of 4000 to 5000 SUNY Potsdam Students who are bitter that they didn't get into the other University in Potsdam, known as Clarkson University. Clarkson University Students enjoy the following: Drinking, Smoking weed, ripping on SUNY Potsdam students, ripping on Towny's, banging SUNY Potsdam broads, banging Towny's, and a small percentage enjoy watching the D1 hockey program that is offered.

Fraternity life is good, as long as you stay away from houses on Elm Street, with the exception of DU, DK, and CROW. There are a few good sororities in town, for the most part, most sorority girls enjoy blowing lines of coke off of each others vagina's.

Potsdam is a great place to make bad decisions with huge chicks and make good decisions with mediocre chicks. Girls here get a three point curve, ie. a 3 point fat chick is rated at 6 points at Potsdam. Girls 7 and above do not exist. The cold air and high latitude will impair your judgment.

Overall, Potsdam is a great place to go unless you enjoy decent weather and good looking woman.
Potsdam, is a classy place to be, if your a girl, and your large.
by George Z. Redford November 10, 2006

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