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A term used to describe someone who wants to be taught sexual acts by as many people as possible. Often this refers to a virgin, or newly non-virgin, but it is also used by sexually experienced people who want to learn new tricks
Alyssa: I want to learn new sexual tricks.
Joe: oh?
Alyssa: Yes, I want to learn as many new sexual tricks I can from every guy I meet. I'm a regular sophomore 69.
by George M. Jenkins May 23, 2008
A derogatory term used to insult gays, lesbians and/or women. The term derives from Washington University in St. Louis awarding an honorary degree to recognize Phylis Schlafy's accomplishments. Schlafy protests against gay rights, feminism, and claims that it is impossible for a husand to abuse or rape his wife.
Joe: Hey, honey, why don't you come to my place tonight
Girl: Get away from me, creep.
Joe: WASH U.! *@%%@%
by George M. Jenkins May 24, 2008
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