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222 definitions by George

Cars designed for shirt-lifters
love is good, love is golden,
love should be made in the back of a Holden,
if you don't like it, if you get bored,
become a homosexual and fuck in a Ford!!
by george December 20, 2003
Frequent Sex
Made popular by Big Pun Rip. In Still not a player.
"Still not a player i just crush alot"
by George December 11, 2003
1. n. underwear mosh
2. n. underwear party, generally constisting only of dudes.
the mosh quickly turned into a sexy party.
by george June 20, 2004
A man that doesn't yet know he is a homosexual but everyone around him realizes it.
a man with "no fear" of the cock
by George December 15, 2003
a girl who has lost her virginity hence a broken hymen
my dousin was already broken at the age of 13.
by george January 20, 2005
to masterbate in a sense by rotating your dick counter clockwise in the manner somone would when curning butter, while at the same time singing, "churrrnin the butter"
later guys im gonna go churn the butter
by george March 25, 2004
a person of mexican orgin who wants to be an african american.
example: " blacksicans are found at the compton indoor swapmeet."
by george December 27, 2003