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A dirty skankhole in Southern England full of pickpockets and people trying to sell football scarves.

People from London believe that only ghosts live beyond the border of the M25. Mysterious creatures and strange, magical goings on happen there.

Anyone from outside the British Isles, and inside the M25 believes that London is:
- The only city in England
- England
- Britain
- (London only) The best place in the world, despite never having been anywhere else
- The only place with any nightlife in Britain
Go to anywhere in Central London, such as Oxford Street, Trafalgar Square, etc.
Walk around and breathe the free air.
Go home to your house or hotel.
Get a tissue.
Stick it up your nose and waggle it around a bit.
Said tissue will now be black and can be used for charcoaling, sketching or as a neat party trick.
by Geoff the God of Biscuits March 08, 2005

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