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4 definitions by Geoff Robbins

1.A person whom is of African American (black) and Asian lineage
2.A person whom is of African American lineage whom has squinty eyes and cannot drive well
Tiger woods is one blasion ass motherfucker
by Geoff Robbins November 23, 2006
Commonly used word describing a woman whose ass it is sooooo flat that only a samuri with a katana blade could have cut it off so cleanly...usually followed up with extreme laughter and pointing by male friends
That girl was hot as hell from the front, but when she walked by I noticed she had been shinobied like a motherfucker
by Geoff Robbins November 18, 2006
One who changes his/her profile background so many times, that you are confused as to where you are on the internet.....Better known as Myspace A.D.D There is only really one common cure for this horrible condition.....getting laid! lol

Juliet is the biggest Profile Changer I know!
by Geoff Robbins October 09, 2007
The act of using a long flourecent Light bulb as a Katana, and karate style hitting your friend making the bulb explode
I can't wait for another bulb to burn out so we can play some Ninja Lightbulb.
by Geoff Robbins May 13, 2007