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The little piece of paper that a server leaves on the end of a straw when a non-alcoholic drink is brought to you.
I went up to get my soda from the counter, but I had to take the strawphylactic off before I could drink it.
by Geoff Lilley October 15, 2007
A big ass afro on an African-American person.
That dude's Afro is beyond Afro, it's some serious Negrowth.
by Geoff Lilley April 26, 2006
An adjective to describe a person who was born before the invention of the microwave. Usually used in reference to a member of Generation X.
"Really? You remember the first Star Wars movie?"

"Shit yeah. I'm pre-microwave!"
by Geoff Lilley August 28, 2008
To have knowledge, understanding, or firsthand experience with matters that are relevant to the Latino community. This can be food, family, language, religion, or any other aspect of life.
"Irene, I may need your mexpertise to find a good chile for my salsa."
"I got you covered, my gringo amigo."
by Geoff Lilley October 24, 2007
The degree of measure to which someone came through in a moment of need, crisis, or difficulty. Can also be used in a sports context to acknowledge a moment where a player put on a game-winning performance when the team really needed him or her.
Brandi Chastain hitting that penalty shot against China was like a clutch quotient of 10.

Uh-oh, Rex Grossman just threw another interception. His clutch quotient is definitely in single digits.
by Geoff Lilley October 07, 2007
Usually used to characterize a city or region in terms of its propensity for conservative, traditional, and Christian values, versus its tendency toward progressive, New Age, and secular thinking. Can also be applied to an individual person.

For example, San Francisco has about a 10-90 NRA-NPR ratio, whereas some of the more rural Southeastern states would be the reverse. A diverse hybrid city like New York is probably 50-50.
Dude, the NRA-NPR ratio is like 90-10.
by Geoff Lilley May 29, 2011
A derisive term for a person whose only expertise on a subject comes from reading an article on Wikipedia.
"There's nothing in the Constitution that says we have to pay taxes. I read it on Wikipedia."

"Try doing some real research for a change, you wiktard!"
by Geoff Lilley October 12, 2007

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