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A brand name of enemas...where the term "Fleeting" comes from, regarding colon cleansing.
If you are constipated, you need to go Fleeting, with a Fleet enema.
by GenuineNerd November 08, 2010
A traffic light that takes a long time (usually 2-3 minutes) to change to green.
This is what I call a lunch light. I could be having my lunch while I'm waiting for it to change to green.
by GenuineNerd April 25, 2010
Having a heavy, stinky, and urgent bowel movement.
I need to get to the john and fast! I've got to take my browns to the super bowl!!!
by GenuineNerd September 13, 2011
Portable toilets used at a public party, concert, or event.
There's a long line at the party poopers.
by GenuineNerd September 21, 2009
A childish term for going to the toilet to take a shit. (I assume it was named after the well-known spinach-eating cartoon sailor...it was a term I heard as a child.)
"Mommy, I've got to go Popeye!!!"
by GenuineNerd September 18, 2009
The act of cleansing your colon by way of using Fleet enemas.
I need to be Fleeting. I'm so constipated I've been sitting on the toilet for ages, and still feel plugged up.
by GenuineNerd November 08, 2010
Someone, usually a homeless or poor person, who digs through trash cans and dumpsters for empty aluminum soda and beer cans, so they can sell them to a scrap metal dealer for booze and cigarette money.
This bum is an aluminum digger...taking the empty pop cans out of the trash in the park, so he can get himself a bottle of wine and get drunk.
by GenuineNerd June 22, 2010

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