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A decent game that was a let-down to a lot of hardcore players, It uses an updated Unreal engine unique to itself, supports 5v5 matches and a couple of new modes and improvement on previous modes, an entirely new mode called hoard pits players in a team of up to 5 against the locust hoard in in waves with increase in damage, health, and accuracy to the locust,

The campaign is very satisfying, but the multiplayer seemed like a real letdown. Changes such as slowing down while getting shot had mixed reception, whereas one shot down active-sniping has been elimanted, were greatly accepted. (Noo135 who one shotted active to the body were never any good and did not deserve snipe) crawling was a nice feature (to prevent n00bs from getting ch33p kills with an active snipe) shotgun was toned down, lancer whoring is easier, chainsaw is unstoppable, excecutions are pleasing (torque decapitation FTW), Matchmaking was changed to a find player type of system rather than a player find you. It takes fucking forever to find a match though, no more host advantage.

Overall both pleasing and unsatisfying game. Any player worth his weight in gold knows that the first gears has a better multiplayer experience.
Gears fan : hey bro, wanna play some excecution on Gears of War 2?
Gears true fan : fawk no, the multiplayer has been ruined, ima go play gears 1.
Gears fan: but only like 6 people play that now!
Gears true fan: *saddened* I know...
by General R44M December 15, 2008
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