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2 definitions by General Maxim

nip•ple shock (nip’əl shäk) n. 1 trauma to the pectoralis causing pain at the tip of the nipple 2 (adj.) paralyzed in awe after seeing a huge pair of knockers.
1 ouch! You hit me in the tit with a ping-pong ball I'm if fucking nipple shock!
2 woah... That pair of jugs was amaizing, I'm in nipple shock bro.
by General Maxim July 31, 2008
5 0
application friend: noun; a friend on facebook used only to send application invites to in order to see your results of the application.
"Jimmy? oh, hes just an application friend, I used him just yesterday to find my crush!"
by General Maxim August 10, 2008
2 1