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1.The King of the Impossible.
2. Savior of the Universe.
Well, if someone doesn't turn Flash Gordon we're all going to die alow, grisly deaths!
by General Grievance June 23, 2007
Widely believed to be the greatest pilot of all time (except for maybe Porkins or Lord Flashheart), Wild Bill Kelso was single-handedly responsible for ending the Pacific War in WWII. The a-bombs were dropped simply because no one wanted to clean up Kelso's mess.
I'm Wild Bill Kelso, and don't you forget it!
by General Grievance June 23, 2007
1. Bad-Ass demon killer.
2. The King, Baby!

It's commonly thought that Queen originally wrote the song about Flash Gordon; however, it was originally written for the movie Evil Dead. It didn't make the final cut, however, so they re-used it.
ASH! Aah-Ah! He'll kill everyone of them!
by General Grievance June 23, 2007
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