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The act of listing your first name on Urban Dictionary then describing yourself as a great or desirable person. This lone act is ruining the random search function on UD by replacing real words with stupid, lame-ass self praise. A complete waste of time, these entries should be rejected by UD instead of being added to the list.

Comes from trolling, the annoying act of people posting stupid crap on sites just to get a reaction.
A: Dude, I just did a random search on UD and saw all of these entries for "Katie", "Bob", etc.

B: Yeah, there's a lot of that stupid name trolling on UD now. It's really ruining the site!

A: Totally. Wish someone at UD would do something about this.
by Gene Ricky Shaw February 06, 2013
1. The most narcissistic and least qualified person ever to hold the office of President of the United States, Barack Obama is a lawyer that's never tried a case, a professor that never had tenure and a state senator that never introduced legislation. The first real freeloader president.

2. To widly spend money that isn't yours.

3. To vote "present" instead of "yes" or "no" on important matters.
1. "There's Barack Obama on tv again, speaking without his teleprompter. My computer crashed counting the 'um's. "

2. A: "My mom gave me her credit card to buy shoes, but I also bought a leather jacket, some jeans and 8 t-shirts. I guess I went all Barack Obama on her."

B: "Don't worry, someone else will pay for it."

A: "True dat. Let's go get some Oakleys, too!"

3. "We were all going to vote 'guilty' on the jury, but the jury captain pulled a Barack Obama and decided not to vote."
by Gene Ricky Shaw February 06, 2013

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