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Caribbean Examinations Council.

An exam that secondary school students in the Caribbean have to face which, according to many teachers, can be much more difficult than the GCSE's.
Students, after paying the initial fees for CXC, are forced to pay $39 per subject (additional to mathematics and english). This can be expensive for parents, as children usually take high amounts of subjects and end up failing them. As a result, teachers have recently begun to stop stundents from signing up for the exams if they begin to slack off. Unfortunately, teachers have been known to be biased and fucktarded and thus drop them from their subjects for the most petty reasons at times.

Mathematics and English have been compulsory subjects, however, in Grenada, low passing rates for mathematics has resulted in the allowance of teachers to withdraw students from it, preventing them from being able to do it for another year. Students cannot enter college without mathematics and must do a paid course after graduating the year later in order to take the exam again.

Some subjects (especially science) have SBA's (School Based Assessments) where students are given projects to complete by teachers and are graded for it. The grades are then sent off to CXC which can, at points, represent 20% of your total marks on that subject.

Me: So yeah, we have maths now.

Friend: Fucking teacher dropped me...I said "balls" in her class and now I can't sign up for CXC...

Me: What the fuck ...? You do realise you can't do shit without maths right?
Friend:...Yeah...I'm fucked for another year.

Me: Don't worry, I'll avenge you once I'm handed my diploma.
by GdaTerry October 05, 2007
God's greatest gift to man.
And on the first day God said, "Let there be lesbianism!". And then there was lesbianism. And it was good.
by GdaTerry October 01, 2007

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