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Commonly used in parts of nothern midwest, Boston, southern florida, and eastern rockies.

1.) Being ripped off or put on blast in any number of ways. Often leaving feelings of temporary worthlessness or aggression.

EX.-Friend steals your girlfriend

-Friend jacks your protein

-one executes a perfect comback in large group of people.

-Friend fails to notify you of a large party

-Girl turns you down in front of friends making you look like you have no game.

- One delivers a comically true but personal insult that may result in extreme levels of embarrassment.

-Friend notifies your girlfriend that you have been sleeping with 3 other girls of higher social and physical status than her.

2.) The practice of someone who commonly uses steroids. Ususally someone who juices will have little to no knowlege of personal health, difficutly with self-esteem, no job or higher education, poor work eithic, exceedingly low-IQ, wears "Ed Hardy" T-shirts, uses heavy doses of extra strength Paul Mitchell Hair Gel, commonly seen with "Tap-out" Tshirts but has no expirience in MMA, previous difficulty of picking up women, and will also go by particular nicknames that will exemplify their ego. However, once someone has juiced for a period of time, women seem to be much easier, giving the juicer a false perception of an increase in game.

Eugene: "Bro, did you sleep with my girlfriend last night?"
Gary: "Yeah, my bad bro, I drank a dos equies, I was feelin' it."
Eugene: "You just juiced the shit out of me!"


(large group of girls present)

Tom: "Sup ladies, I made 12.8 mil last year."
Sally: "Yeah, but we had sex, and you have a 3 inch penis."
Ned: "HA HA HA, damn that sucks ass, you got juiced."

(weightroom enviornment)

Big Dave: "Sup ladies how do you like my biceps?"
Girls: "Ohh my whats your secret!?"
Big Dave: "ahh well --"
Harry: "--He juices."
Big Dave: "What the hell man, why did you juice me like that?"
by GayhopMUfan April 11, 2011

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