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A move performed by Recoome, a villain and member of The Ginyu Force in the hit series "Dragon Ball Z". Also used as a nonsensical term for exggeration in awesome stories.

The move is executed when one strikes a ballet-like pose and fires a purple energy beam out of their mouth, dealing massive amounts of damage on the target and rendering them speechless from the sight of such a ridiculous attack.
Person 1: My mom was pissed that I didn't vacuum so she hit me with a Recoome Eraser Gun and threw me down some stairs.

Person 2: Holy shit, dude! Are you okay?

Person 1: Yeah, I mean my power level is over 9000 Needless to say, I vacuumed the house after that.
#recoome #recoome blast #eraser gun #dragon ball z #ginyu force #namek #frieza
by Gay for Goldfrapp April 16, 2011
One who wears a brand, exlusively, simply because it's the brand. Very common among high school and college-age people where, if the brand isn't worn the friends aren't made.

See Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Jack Wills, American Eagle, Aeropostale, etc.
Person 1: Oh my god let's go to one of the above mentioned stores and get you a new outfit!

Person 2: *whips out shotgun, shoots Person 1 in face

Person 3: You just killed that Aberzombie and prevented an outbreak! You're my hero!
#abercrombie #zombie #american eagle #hollister #jack wills #aeropostale
by Gay for Goldfrapp March 23, 2011
1) A stout, sturdy, big-boned female who occupies more than a four-foot radius on the dance floor because of her appearance and the smell emanating from her vagina.

2) Tori Spelling

3) A dominant female with dominant odor.

4) A female who trolls her man's facebook as a turn-on.
Man 1: Man, my girl guessed my facebook password again.

Man 2: Dump that bitch, she's a trolless.

I was in the club last night and I met this babbitt ass hoe, but once I smelled that hoe I knew she was a total trolless
#troll #trolless #tori spelling #babbitt ass hoe #ogress #oprah #gay for goldfrapp #brigette nielsen #flavor flav #smell yo dick
by Gay for Goldfrapp June 04, 2011
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