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A totally awesome Mexican Deathcore/Death metal band. They have yet to release an album but their demos are pretty promising.
Songs from "Here Comes the Kraken": Confessions of what Ive Done.
I should have asked where the remote was before I killed you.
The legend of the rent is way hardcore.
by Gavin Michael September 18, 2008
(noun) One who you excessively visits Myspace.com. Often not doing anything except looking at other people's profiles and/or trying to get people to "pc4pc" (picture comment for picture comment)
Myspace Rats are extremely low on the social ladder.
"Oh em gee guys go comment my new pics I'll totally pc4pc!"

"She's a total Myspace Rat! All she does is comment my pictures saying, "cute pic :D. pc4pc?:)"
by Gavin Michael September 07, 2008
The act of making ones hand and/or forearm into the Nazi salute and then proceeding to ram it into a womens vagina or anus.
Gavin: Hey enrique how loose is Lauren?
Enrique: Pretty loose dude I Sieg Heiled her so far my whole arm got stuck!
Gavin: Dude that is awesome!
by Gavin Michael July 29, 2008
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