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The T-Virus is a mutagenic toxin, altering the host's chromosome structure on a cellular level. More than likely, it will kill its host, then reanimate its corpse. It is an inter-species infective, capable of amplifying in plants, mammals, birds, reptiles, whatever. In some cases, it promotes incredible growth; in all of them, violent behavior. The virus also infects brain chemistry, at least in humans-inducing something like a schizophrenic psychosis. And it also inhibits pain. Victims of this virus barely react to physical abuse, and although the infected decay physically, they barely seem to feel it.
The best way to become infected with the T-Virus is to be bitten by an infected host, who will become bloodthirsty and will more than likely attack you of you are nearby. Avoid contact with a host at all cost, whether it be a friend or family member
The T-Virus, created by the Umbrella Corporation, was released into the town of Raccoon City, causing an outbreak of deadly proportion, altreing the inhabitants' structures and turning them into bloodthirsty zombies, or worse...
by Gavin Annette July 29, 2005

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