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Race is a bioligical term used to classifly living things. It goes genre, species, sub-species and then race.
Humans for one have 5 100% pures races currently.
Caucasoid (Europe, West Asia and North Africa), negroid (Sub-Saharan Africa), mongoloid (East Asia, Oceania, the Arctic and the Americas) who take up the majority of the worlds population. There is also a minority of capoid (Southern Africa) and austaloid (Australia and Melanesia.)

Contray to popular belief race has nothing to do with religion and natonality. Nor is the myth that caucasoids are the "plain" race which all the rest are variations of. All races of man have unique physical featues, not just skin colour.

Negroids have short shaggy hair, high cheek bones and almost perfectly round eyes. Not just the fact they are "black people".
Caucasoids have quite alot of exess hair, large foreheads and low jaws. Not just the fact they are "white people".

That nice young man who works in the local SPAR is a member of the caucasoid race.
by Gav the spaz September 07, 2006
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