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Pute is the french word for "bitch". 1) a girl you have to pay for having sex with her 2) a silly girl who tries to fuck all the boys she knows
1) "j'ai payé 50 euros pour coucher avec cette pute" -> "i've paid 50 euros for fucking that bitch" 2) "mon ex était une pute : elle m'a trompé avec tous mes amis" -> "my ex-girlfriend was a bitch : she dumped me and she slept with all my friends"
by Gatooou April 19, 2007
"hushpuppies" is a french pop-punk band. It's been formed in 2005 in Versailles, near Paris.
"oh i discovered a new song by hushpuppies. It sounds great"
by Gatooou April 19, 2007
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