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Some few years ago...
Nickolodeon was going down. Old favorites like Spongebob and Drake and Josh were coming close to an end. It seemed as if they were doomed. However, out of the darkness came a hero. A rescue team, set out to design the perfect teen comedy show, and rescue Nickolodeon. Unfortunately however, an unfortunate mistake occured in the idea room, and the most terrible thing ever created was born...iCarly!!! Quickly, the developers knew it would wreck havoc on its viewers so they stored in an under water cage...

2 years ago....

A satellite crashed into the ocean, waking the terrible monster iCarly from its deep sleep. It walked out and began terrorizing manhattan. A Holy Shit protocol was activated and manhattan was nuked in an attempt to destroy the iCarly monster........

Help us....It's still alive
Guy 1:Holy Shit did you see that thing!

Guy 2:Yeah! What the fuck was it?
Military:ITS iCARLY!!!!
by garuda1 August 17, 2009
The preference of videogames, boardgames, or any sort of virginity-prolonging entertainment over females.
Used in a similar (although far sadder) fashion to "bros before hoes."
Guy 1 : Hey, do you wanna come to the wicked party a couple blocks away this evening? There are gonna be a lot of cute girls over there.

Guy 2: Nah, I wanna get my dwarven paladin Alvannor to level 80 tonight. Quests before breasts!

Guy 1: Uhh.....alright.
by garuda1 June 29, 2014

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