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The art of swangling is one that almost defies rigid definition. In its earliest form, the word was used to describe procuring or achieving something in an uncommon or non-traditional way. Since, however the word has flourished into something much, much more. To swangle someone could mean anything from besting them in a contest of wits to dunking in their face in the NBA Finals. It's possible to out-swangle someone, re-swangle someone, under-swangle someone, or even sudo-swangle someone, but there is no such thing as over-swangling. You can swangle an alligator, un-swangle a knot, or calculate your swangle of attack. Swangling, as stated, is an art, and true swanglers worldwide know that there are many definitons and uses for the word, the majority of which cannot be listed here. Above all, however, swangling is what the swangler makes of it. Put your mind to it, and you can swangle just about anything.
Correct Usage:
"One-hundred fifteen to forty-seven? Man, he really swangled you in this week's fantasy football match-up."

"The Greeks really out-swangled the Trojans when they got inside Troy using a wooden horse."

Incorrect Usage:
"How about you swangle these nuts?" Incorrect: Swangle cannot be used in conjunction with any aspect of male genitalia (exception: the swangler is female).
by Garth Swangler June 13, 2011

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