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A state in balance between law, chaos, good, and evil
I am neutral, high above moral debate.
by Gareth Klieber April 22, 2006
The female version of jackass
That Jessica can be such a jillass sometimes!
by Gareth Klieber March 18, 2006
This saddens me when I see it at school. The rap dream is the delusion (usually believed by blacks) that they do not need an education because their future lies in the anti-music of rap. Related to this is the basketball dream. This is the same thing except with basketball.
Due to the rap dream, I predict millions of deadbeat losers in about 10 years still trying to make it big.
by Gareth Klieber February 18, 2006
A person (usually at school) that you were once friends with but now only greet each other with a nod when you pass in the hall because you don't have classes together. It isn't always a sign on a dying friendship, just a latient one.
Julian was my friend in health class but after the semester was over he became my nod friend.
by Gareth Klieber April 26, 2006
A twelve sided die, usually yellow and the most infrequently used of the D&D dice set.
Pass me the D 12, my barbarian just got a level up.
by Gareth Klieber January 20, 2006
A board game that is a temporary utopia for dorks, nerds, and geeks like me. You can do literaly whatever you want.
Let's go play dungeons and dragons, my character just got this cool new feat.
by Gareth Klieber January 04, 2006
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