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A gamer is a person who gave up on reality so he/she wants to devote their lives in becoming king or queen of the gamer nerds (Online gamers). Console gamers are losers in reality so they enjoy escaping reality by playing as the main character of a story where they are the hero. They believe chicks dig gamers by looking at pictures of expos where women are PAID to model for companies, when in reality, attractive chicks would do everything to avoid people like them.

Frequently, gamers also watch anime and are religious as these two latter things also help them escape reality.

Gamers also rarely read anything and don't actively stand up for real issues in the REAL world and try to improve it for future generations.

Gamers should invest their time and energy into reality and other fruitful endeavors.

Stupid gamers marvel at the salary of pro gamers, but seem to fail to realize that pro games will only make that amount of money as long as that game is popular (most games don't last that long in popularity) and once that game becomes unpopular, the progamer is negative in the real (negative as in negative as in social skills, REAL social networks, knowledge of reality, useful skills in the workplace,etc).

Reality vs fantasy world? Does this have to even be a question?
Gamers are stupid.
by GamersAreLosers January 29, 2010
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