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The greatest french horn player who ever lived. RIP. Died in the 1950's in a tragic car crash. Villanelle was his best recording.
Isn't it sad the world had to see such talent leave the world such as Dennis Brain?
by Gamefaqs kid April 12, 2006
One of the greatest composers of the 20th century. He has played on every instrument he wrote for. His works include Symphonic Metamorphosis and many other orchestral pieces. His most famous piece of work was the Symphony in Bb. It consists of 3 movements and is regarded by many as the greatest piece of band literature ever devised. Many people who listen to Symphony in Bb will think it is some sort of "circus of doom". Only musicians really truly appreciate the work Hindemith has done.
The Paul Hindemith Symphony in Bb is the hardest piece of music ever!!! Playing it right is the greatest thing you can ever do as a musician.
by Gamefaqs kid April 09, 2006
an april fools prank gone awry.
noob- Wow look at that! World of Starcraft has a beta Im playing it!!!

1337- No its fake. Go away. I have proof its fake.
by Gamefaqs kid April 09, 2006

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