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a bad thing.

They had no WMD and that should've been the end of it.

Iraq FINALLY let UN weapon inspectors in to look around. They found nothing, but war was declaired anyway.

It's true, probably a good 70% of the British people were against the war from the very start. Not because we are against war with our enemies, or the enemies of our friends, but because Iraq were really no threat. Why couldn't the CIA/MI6 just assasinate Saddam if they felt that strongly about him?

In the aftermath of 9/11, Britain was proud to hear Tony Blair giving his shoulder-to-shoulder speach, we were proud to go to Afghanistan to fight the Talliban and help try to find Bin Laden. We've suffered terrorism for many years (all my life), and know what it means, and will steadfastly back our Governments policy of ALWAYS standing up to terrorism even if it does make us a target again.

Terrorits are cowards, they don't wear uniforms or fight under a flag. They sneak around, in the dark planting bombs, before sneaking away again like rats. The men who fought the US/UK invasion were not terrorists or cowards, they were scared young men trying to defend their country.
The Iraq war was a mistake, if we truely are commited to fighting the GOOD fight, then we must keep ourselves focused on the real enemies.
by Gamblers Anonymous November 16, 2006
Female tactic in Domestic Warfare.
The 'Ulterior Motive' is an oft used tactic, by females, in the theatre of domestic warfare.
by Gamblers Anonymous November 16, 2006
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