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3 definitions by Galileo Humpkins

After reading the definitions here, the most overrated fucking band ever. Or at least in the top 10 overrated of the 90s.

Stupid ass lyrics, criminally overrated dumbass guitar player (make a bunch of noise and get praised!), and just generally nauseating.

Absolutely NOT A METAL BAND. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Rage Against the Machine are a group of overrated pseudorevolutionary turds.
by Galileo Humpkins January 29, 2008
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When driving, the act of raising the index and pinkie fingers to give the metal horns while holding the top of the steering wheel with the rest of your hand.
I was driving along the other day, and I was rockin' some Mercyful Fate and started driving metal \m/\m/.
by Galileo Humpkins January 27, 2008
33 19
short for the Reverend Horton Heat
Dork: I'm going to see A7X!
Cool Dude: Pfffft! I'm going to see The Rev mothertrucker!
by Galileo Humpkins January 27, 2008
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